Mixmax Mixmax
Case Study

The Client Client

Mixmax, the leading sales engagement platform for businesses using Gmail, helps revenue teams accelerate revenue at every stage of the customer journey. We amplify AEs, CSMs, and anyone in a customer-facing role, not just the SDRs. By automating repetitive tasks and organizing their daily workflows, we increase reps’ productivity and empower them with the tools they need to do what they do best: sell. Mixmax customers see a positive ROI in less than 6 months and go live in less than 1 day.

The Task Task

Being an international company, headquartered in the US, they have a great focus on offering a work-life balance environment to their employees and to ensure gender diversity. Our task was to cover two software engineer roles in a short period of time with candidates who don’t present themselves as men, their engineering team consisting at that time only men.

The Challenge Challenge

Not only that we had to deliver women developers or developers who don’t present themselves as men in order to improve gender diversity, we had to deliver senior candidates with more than 5 years experience working with Java Script. Considering that only 15% of the tech professionals are women and 5% of them are senior devs, you can imagine how difficult it was.

The Strategy Strategy

First of all, of course, we contacted all the female candidates from our portfolio, which now consists of more than 10k candidates in total. Obviously, it wasn’t enough, so our team had to find all sorts of methods to get in touch with a large number of female candidates. We used special tools and asked for referrals and hired a sourcer specialist in order to help us deliver the right candidates.

The Result Result

In almost two months, we covered those two roles. Two months might not sound that great, but we need to consider that the average time invested in an IT selection process is at least 3 weeks,  therefore we can say it was a real success which we are proud and grateful for.