Gorgias Gorgias
Case Study

The Client Client

Gorgias builds a multi-channel help desk integrated with e-commerce merchants’​ back-office. It allows merchants to manage all their support from one place. It connects all business apps and all communication channels to provide support agents a unified view of their customers. It sets auto-responses to common customer requests. A multi-channel help desk software with the sole purpose of helping ecommerce businesses level up their customer support and deliver an exceptional customer experience to leverage inquiries into sales.

The Task Task

At the beginning we didn’t have a clear task, we tried to see if it works. At that time we didn’t have too much experience on the market in order to show reliable results. So, we started with a full stack role, Python and React js and after our first success we started to receive other and other roles for the Engineering team in Gorgias, developing and management roles. We started this wonderful collaboration in April 2020 and it is an ongoing process, hopefully for many years to come.

The Challenge Challenge

Working with a funded fast growing start up it’s always challenging, exciting, and with a lot of pressure , especially when our collaboration started when they decided to grow their recruitment team and to remodel the selection process. It was an amazing experience  and still is, we learned a lot together, we developed our skills and overcame our limits.

The Strategy Strategy

Gorgias struggled to fill the roles because of the current market and a skills shortage. We utilized our own extensive portfolio and powerful referral scheme in order to cover the needs. Engineering management positions were certainly one of the challenges on this project because of the timescales and job requirements.

Knowing  who is available is vital, that’s why we are using efficient tools to identify the right candidates. In order to ensure the quality of candidates Hiroket’s recruitment team is conducting pre screening interviews all the time, using the interview guide and checking all the requirements coming from the client.

The Result Result

So far we submitted 548 candidates, 29 of which received an offer and 22 accepted it. Our great satisfaction is that both client and candidates are enjoying working together and providing great service, both parties are growing and we are growing with them and that is our strongest belief: “People grow companies, when companies grow people. Simple as that” . Gorgias is showing that this is possible every day by caring about their employees and being there to support their path. Cheers to many  more to come!