Deutsche Fintech Solutions Deutsche Fintech Solutions
Case Study

The Client Client

Deutsche Fintech Solutions is a digital innovation lab focused on building experience centric financial advisory technology, products and platforms for advisers and clients to take them to the next level. The platform is focused on creating digital experiences to help grow and protect the wealth of customers, whilst supporting advisers and allowing them to focus their core expertise on providing expert financial advice.

The Task Task

We approached DFS in  January 2020 knowing that they needed support as they were planning to source IT professionals  to grow their team exponentially in the next year. At that time they didn’t have a recruitment specialist, so basically we took over all the recruitment needs. The plan was to recruit in total 20 specialists in the year to come.

The Challenge Challenge

DFS requested Full Stack, Frontend and Backend  Developers with React js and Node js experience, from Berlin or willing to relocate to Berlin, which was the biggest challenge in a pandemic context.

The Strategy Strategy

It was clear that we were facing a really difficult task, but our perseverance, a deep understanding of the IT-sphere and knowledge of IT recruiting life hacks helped us to cope with challenges quickly. So, to fill the positions, we:

Emphasized non resident specialists

The customer was ready to consider candidates from other cities, and we maximized this opportunity. We knew  that relocation was an attractive condition for IT pros because it’s a new and unusual experience.

Were searching mainly for mid level positions

The ability to work in a dynamic, technological project is attractive to many IT talents, especially when you have the possibility to relocate to Berlin.  We got many developers interested in the job opening by highlighting this advantage.

At the beginning we approached our own portfolio but it was not enough to cover all the roles, so we had to have a new search all the time. At the same time Hiroket  uses a powerful market-leading recruitment tool  that identifies the availability of candidates within minutes.

The Result Result

Luckily after covering 5 roles with candidates who relocated to Berlin, the customer decided to change their strategy and to hire remote contractors, mainly because in the lockdown context it was almost impossible to relocate people.

To fill the position, we processed over 2 400 profiles, conducted 156 interviews together with the CTO,  47 candidates received  an offer and  28 of them accepted the offer and successfully joined the work in the company. Note that all specialists were found through different recruitment channels and came from other cities. Hiroket’s  life hacks and the ability to identify the primary priorities of IT specialists helped us to achieve the desired result and successfully fill all job openings. It was our first great success as a recruitment agency, which provided us with a lot of opportunities of learning and growing, ourselves and the business. Considering that, we are very grateful for having the chance to work with such a client at the start of our business.